Attention Faculty, Staff and Students


  • Our connection to the state Internet is DOWN;
  • The "DNS" server that tells the world to send mail to Google is on the STATE network;
  • Therefore, we can't get mail from the outside world.
The state is working on the issue to get it resolved.

Your old email is available at

  • You should check your mail at
  • New mail will no longer be delivered to your WorldClient mailbox
  • Your old mail will be available at the archive site -- -- until it is 365 days old.

SDALE Email Goes Google Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learn more about the Big Day...

Windows XP & GMail Problems?Wednesday February 27, 2013

Windows XP works just fine with GMail and the rest of Google Apps. Internet Explorer on Windows XP does not.

If you are using Windows XP, you can either:
  1. Install Google Chrome from
  2. Install the current version of Firefox, Safari or Opera
  3. Make things "better" by adding the Google Chrome Frame to Internet Explorer on WIndows XP:

You don't have to make Google Chrome your default web browser. And you may still be able to use Internet Explorer to get to part (or all) of Google Apps on Windows XP, but it's no longer supported.

Monday, January 21, 2013 -- EMAIL STATUS: Check both inboxes

Mail that comes from the outside world, or that is sent vial Gmail, always arrives at Google first, and Google knows to deliver it to both places.

If a message is sent via WorldClient, though, our local server occasionally notices that it still has a mailbox for, and chooses not to send the message on to Google.

Everything will be fine when everyone switches to use GMail instead of running both a local servers and a Google Apps Domain.

SDALE GMail Information Page

We've started a new SDALE GMail Information Page!

You'll find information about setting up GMail on phones and tablets, moving mail, importing contacts, and more!

Set My SDALE GMail Mobile/IMAP Password

Can't log in? Has Your Password Expired?

If you are having trouble logging into your Email and think your SDALE password has expired, you can use the MyInfo system to change it without having to drive to a school building.

If you think you've forgotten your password, you can get help from your Building's Principal, Computer Lab Manager, the Springdale Schools Business Office at 479-750-8804, or the Springdale Schools Technology Department at 479-750-8771.

Student Account Changes

Mail accounts for students are now simply <username> instead of Simply enter your userid itself in the logon dialog without to get to your mail.

Email Account Name Change Requests

Requests to change your SDALE username should be made through your building computer lab manager. Their first scheduled work day is August 13, 2012.

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Set SDALE GMail Mobile/IMAP Password